Review documents

Review of Addiction and Other Drug (AOD) Services

The 2016 review of Tairawhiti Addictions and Other Drug Services suggests five high level recommendations:

  1. Increase access to community AOD treatment.
  2. Re-focus community services for young people and their families and whānau.
  3. Address key gaps in the service continuum by establishing a district-wide model of managed withdrawal.
  4. Lead development of a comprehensive response to methamphetamine use in Tairāwhiti.
  5. Develop collaborative leadership group.


Review of Services on the East Coast

In late 2012, the boards of Ngāti Porou Hauora Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou and Hauora Tairāwhiti jointly commissioned a Review of Health Services on the East Coast. The objectives for the review are to gain an in-depth understanding of the current health status and health needs of the population on the Coast as well as likely future health needs. Consultation meetings are underway on the East Coast as Ngāti Porou Hauora, Te Runanganui o Ngāti Porou and Hauora Tairāwhiti seek input on a review of health services for the Coast.


Tairāwhiti Palliative Care Review

The Tairāwhiti Palliative Care Review provides an opportunity to consider future options for services to best meet the needs of the Tairāwhiti population in the face of growing demand and current fiscal constraints.


Review of Adult Tertiary Cancer Services for Tairāwhiti Residents

In 2010, Hauora Tairāwhiti undertook a review of the cancer services pathway for Tairāwhiti adult patients to investigate whether these pathways could be simplified to reduce clinical risk and therefore improve patient outcomes.  

A steering group was developed to oversee that process and the production of the report. The Report was prepared by LECG (now known as Sapere).  The result has been the production of the enclosed report: Review Of Tertiary Cancer Treatment Services For Tairāwhiti Residents.


Review of Adult Tertiary Cancer Services for Tairāwhiti Residents:  Summary of the Submissions

Hauora Tairāwhiti requested submissions on the above Tertiary Cancer review,  responses are outlined in the attached. In total 33 submissions were received from consumers, providers and cancer networks. This summary looks at four common areas highlighted in the submissions and identifies criteria which submitters felt were critical to the successful delivery of tertiary cancer services to the Tairāwhiti Community. Tertiary Cancer Review Summary of Submissions


Tairāwhiti Adult Mental Health Review

The Tairāwhiti Adult Mental Health Review aims to build on the initiatives in place that are viewed by stakeholders and the reviews to be responding to the needs of Māori and to complement existing approaches with both more and new services, and new ways of doing things.


Tairāwhiti Older Persons Review

The Tairāwhiti Older Persons Review presents the findings of stakeholder interviews and focus groups and the results are interpreted in light of what is understood to be optimal services for older people.


Tairāwhiti Cancer Services Mapping Project

The Tairāwhiti Cancer Services Mapping Project arose directly from the objectives and actions of the Cancer Control Plan for Tairāwhiti 2007.  These actions stipulated that a service improvement project should be undertaken to assess current patient management models, patient care processes and health systems; identify gaps, delays and areas for improvement; and focus on health inequalities and Māori experience of the cancer pathway.


Tertiary Cancer Review Summary of Submissions