Quality is our responsibility

At Hauora Tairāwhiti quality and patient safety are a top priority. All DHB staff, clinical leaders and managers are responsible for improving quality and participating in quality improvement initiatives and projects. This is led from the top.

David Scott, MNZM.JP - Board Chair

The Hauora Tairāwhiti Board rate quality and all that the word embodies as high priority. This value features highly in the decision-making processes of the Board. The monthly statistical dashboard provides a snapshot and a measurement stick. In particular we are proud of our recently introduced Bariatric Surgical programme which provides patients with a complete service that caters for all the social, mental and physical facets of the procedure. During the last twelve months the Board has had occasion to invite and listen to two bariatric patients as they related their experiences of the patient journey. These patient "stories" provide an opportunity for the board to form an opinion of Hauora Tairāwhiti “quality in action."


Jim Green, Chief Executive

In our first year as Hauora Tairāwhiti we have used the pervading theme of our WAKA values to drive our quality programme forward. You will see in our Quality Account the activities that have been embodied in our values:-

  • Whakarangatira, the enrichment of our health services.
  • Awhi, the support of people using services and those who provide the services.
  • Kotahitanga, the way in which we work together to achieve outcomes.
  • Aroha, the compassion we show, intrinsic to service delivery.

Our account chronicles our efforts to work with our community to achieve our goal of Hauora Tairāwhiti, as our name and our ethos embodies.


Ros Iversen, Chief Medical Officer

As a medical professional leader, quality and safety of care is dear to my heart. Like the aviation and nuclear industries, healthcare is highly complex requiring enormous commitment to ongoing learning and improvement.

Together with every member of staff, I aspire to fostering and supporting an environment of trust, respect, openness and caring amongst ourselves and with our patients and whānau. To achieve high reliability we need to focus on teamwork, excellent communication and genuine partnership in all decision-making.

The goal is to make all care, ideal care.


Arish Naresh, Director of Allied Health and Technical

Allied health professionals have a significant role to play in the delivery of quality integrated services by introducing innovation and creative thinking that underpins patient and whānau centred care. Allied health and technical professionals work in inter, intra and multidisciplinary teams across primary, secondary and tertiary care to make improvements to the health and wellbeing of the population in Tairāwhiti.

One of the highlights of the year included the selection of Hauora Tairawhiti as a provider for mobility action plan funding. Our physiotherapy team worked closely with Turanga Health to formulate the proposal that will keep our people more active and improve their rehabilitation journey. One of our Occupational Therapists led the project for the rehabilitation review. Allied health lunchtime professional development sessions were introduced to upskill our allied and technical staff with the aim of improving patient safety and quality in the long term. Our allied and technical staff are on the WAKA and paddling effectively for a healthier Tairāwhiti.


Sonia Gamblen, Director of Nursing, Quality and Patient Safety

Managing quality and risk is a key part of my role which has a great influence on patient safety. As humans working in a fast paced complex industry – the health industry – we are prone to making mistakes. Humans are not perfect, nor are they robots and hence we make mistakes. We need to make sure our systems and processes are engineered to help prevent mistakes from occurring; we need to learn from unintended outcomes or when things go wrong so that the same mistakes are not repeated.

We rely heavily on patients and their whānau/families to help us do this. We value feedback so that we can make our systems safer and we also need to help people understand how they can help keep themselves safe when in our care. Nurses and midwives work in many care settings, alongside other healthcare professionals and often lead patient safety and quality initiatives. Our new Hauora Tairāwhiti vision and values is key to patient safety and quality improvement.