Planning Health

Hauora Tairawhiti's  funding, service development and public health arm, Te Puna Waiora (TPW), is responsible for funding all health services in the Tairawhiti district with the exception of primary maternity services, disability services for people under 65 years and public health services.

As part of their funding function, TPW has a service development, prioritisation and analytical role that identifies health service need in the region and prioritises and funds service development initiatives to improve health outcomes.

Key areas of focus for the Funding and Planning component of Hauora Tairawhiti are:

  • The development of a three-yearly District Strategic Plan
  • Development of a three-yearly Health Needs Assessment
  • Development of a District Annual Plan
  • Review and improvement in a number of key health service areas including older persons, mental health services, youth health services, diabetes services, cancer services
  • Funding new initiatives with a strong focus on health inequalities, workforce development and improved health outcomes
  • Re-configuration of health services e.g. laboratory services configuration
  • Audit and Monitoring function of all funded health services
  • Project management of new Government initiatives e.g. oral health business case, HPV Vaccine

Relationship Management

Te Puna Waiora is responsible for maintaining relationships and linkages between Hauora Tairawhiti, other providers, the community and relevant agencies. It is also responsible for ensuring that Hauora Tairawhiti collaborates and cooperates with other parties, to enable the provision of the best services possible for the people. Hauora Tairawhiti is committed to consulting with the people of Tairawhiti to ensure that services are provided in such a way that they support and encourage the people of Tairawhiti to attain their optimum wellbeing.

Planning and Needs Assessment

Hauora Tairawhiti is responsible for assessing and analysing the health needs of the people of Tairawhiti. This is a major exercise, and following data collection, a comprehensive analysis is undertaken. Once the needs of the population have been ascertained, they must be prioritised in a manner which addresses any existing inequalities. Following this, in-depth service planning for the region is undertaken, to ensure that planned services will meet the assessed need. District Health Boards are required to develop Annual and Strategic Plans in consultation with its community.

Funding of Services

In line with its Annual Plan and Strategic Plan, Hauora Tairawhiti is responsible for funding a range of health services to the people of Tairawhiti. The funding of services is based on the needs assessment, prioritisation and planning activities undertaken previously. Hauora Tairawhiti receives the bulk of its funding from the Ministry of Health, with ACC and the Ministry of Social Development providing more specifically targeted service delivery funding.

Te Puna Waiora is responsible for: