Healthy Populations

The Healthy Populations team of Te Puna Waiora provide the following services.

Sexual Health

  • Provision of an assessment and treatment based service for self-referred clients with sexually transmitted diseases
  • Contraception and family planning services
  • Sexual health education
  • Cervical screening services
  • Termination of pregnancy counselling.

Health Protection

  • Communicable disease control activities aimed at preventing the spread of infectious disease
  • Food administration activity aimed at improving the quality of food presented for sale as well as ensuring regulatory regimes surrounding manufactured food
  • Environmental health activity aimed at reducing the risks to health from the physical environment. Activity includes water supplies, feral shellfish monitoring programmes, improvements in sewage, solid waste disposal, health input into processes under the Resource Management Act, control of hazardous substances etc
  • Regulatory input into programmes aimed at reducing the prevalence of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Healthy Workplaces

The Healthy Workplaces framework offers the following:

  • Workplace health and wellness resources, promotion and education.
  • Input into evaluating a workplace’s current health and wellbeing position.
  • Input into the identification of staff needs and of workplace opportunities to improve staff health and wellbeing.
  • Links to a network of agencies and service providers able to assist in improving workplace health and wellbeing.
  • Assistance in organisational policy development linked to workplace health and wellbeing (e.g. workplace wellness policy, smokefree policy).
  • Development of a set of workplace standards in the area of staff wellbeing which businesses can work towards achieving.

 Health Promoting Schools

A school that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting for learning and working.

The concept was introduced after a World Health Organisation conference in 1986 saw schools as important places for promoting health if supported by good policies and community involvement.

Health promoting Schools (HPS) are now in over 30 countries.

HPS in New Zealand is based on the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.

This approach is built on a critical public health perspective that shifts the emphasis from the wellbeing of individuals to the wider social, cultural, political and economic factors that influence wellbeing.

HPS focuses on schools as integral parts of wider communities and offers practical ways for children and young people, teachers, managers, parents and community members to contribute to schools being healthy settings.

The emphasis is:

  • Health is everybody’s business – students, staff and community
  • Making healthy choices, easy choices
  • Examining links between what is taught in the classroom with policies and community involvement
  • Hauora – caring for the whole person

Whole schools can benefit from this initiative. Students and staff benefit from a safe, healthy place to work and learn, Board of Trustees from meeting requirements to remove barriers to learning and provide a safe physical and emotional environment and for the community there is a chance to express opinions in the survey and be involved on the health team

For more information contact Raipoia Brightwell at Hauora Tairawhiti on 06-8690570.

Health Education/ Information Resources

The Health Education/ Information Service is part of a network of health education resource providers based at District Health Boards in each region. We stock all of the Ministry of Health print resources as well as some from other agencies. Resources include videos, posters, signs, pamphlets, stickers and teaching kits. All of our resources are FREE.