Chemotherapy is the use of medicines to kill or reduce the spread of cancer cells. Chemotherapy is given in cycles and may be given once a day, once a week or even once a month. 

Chemotherapy can have a major effect on your body's ability to fight infections. Once you start chemotherapy it is important to have infections treated quickly with antibiotics that may need to be given at hospital. 

If you:

  • develop a fever i.e. a temperature reading of 38 degrees Celsius or more 
  • feel suddenly unwell even with a normal temperature which is 36-37 degrees Celsius or
  • experience shivering when you are feeling hot or cold

please seek medical advice immediately ANY time of the night or day. This may mean going to the Emergency Department. 

Where is chemotherapy done?

Most chemotherapy treatment is done at Gisborne Hospital’s Medical Day Unit. Generally, you will not be admitted into hospital

More specialist chemotherapy treatment is done at Waikato Hospital in Hamilton.