Community Services (provider list)

Advocacy/Peer Support

Information and Advisory Services - Advocates can assist where there are problems with accommodation, ACC, employment issues, health services, CYF, WINZ and many other situations which are negatively affecting mental health recovery.  They help by listening, clarifying, providing information, supporting at meetings and assisting with written complaints, reviews and appeals.  Peer support is a model of service that champions the use of personal experience to help and support others who are experiencing that same issue. It is a system of giving and receiving help founded on the key principles of respect, shared responsibility, and a mutual agreement of what is helpful.

Older Persons Support

Age Concern Tairawhiti, 06- 867 6533

Seniorline - national information system   0800 725463 

Stroke Support

Gisborne Stroke Support Group, 176 Cobden St, 06-863 2716

Mental Health Support

Te Kupenga Net Trust, 71 Lowe St, Gisborne, 06-8684045

Schizophrenia Fellowship - Gisborne, 81 Childers Road, Gisborne, 06-868 5295

 Aged Related Residential Care

Care Levels offered in Tairawhiti:

  • Rest Home Level Care: 24 hour care provided in a residential facility with a minimum level of care provided.
  • Hospital Level Care: 24 hour care provided in a residential facility with a higher level of nursing care provided to the client.
  • Dementia Level Care: 24 hour secure care provided in a residential facility requiring higher levels of nursing and personal care to clients.
  • All providers also provide residential respite care for more details contact Hauora Tairawhiti Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Team on 06-869 2090 

Beetham Healthcare Rest home and Hospital, 50 Beetham Ave, Gisborne, 06-869 0028, Care Levels Provided: Rest home, Hospital, Dementia

Dunblane Centre, 178 Rutene Road, Gisborne, 06-867 4759, Care Levels Provided: Rest home, Hospital, Dementia

Kiri Te Kanawa Retirement Village, 12 Gwyneth Place, Lytton West, Gisborne, 06-863 3636, Care Levels Provided: Rest home, Hospital, Dementia

Leighton House, 2 Cheeseman Road, Gisborne, 06-8677697, Care Level Provided: Rest home

Te Wiremu House, 621 Aberdeen Road, Gisborne, 06-834 0378, Care Levels Provided: Rest home, Hospital, Dementia

Te Puia Springs Hospital, 4 Mckenzie St, Te Puia Springs, 06-864 6803, Care Levels Provided: Rest home, Hospital

 Community Lactation Consultancy Services

For infants 0-6 months of age, where mother and baby may be experiencing a breastfeeding difficulty.  You will need a referral from your health provider, eg. Midwife, Well Child Provider, GP, Hospital Staff or Breast Buddy.

Mamapukeko, 469 Nelson Road, Gisborne, 06-863 3677

Support for new parents

SmartStart is an online tool for parents that makes it easy for them to access government services and support during pregnancy, and the first years of their new baby. SmartStart provides users with integrated information about services provided by a range of agencies and NGOs to help parents check that they’re not missing out on financial help and provides tips on keeping parents and baby healthy and safe.

Community Transport Services

The Tairawhiti Community Transport service provides transport to people with illness/disability which prevents them from being able to drive themselves, or who are unable to access either public or private transport services. The focus is on older persons and supports an individual's ability for independence.

Sunshine Bus, 389 Gladstone Road, Gisborne, 06-867 2905

 Community Day Programmes for Older People

Community day programmes enable older people to take part in their community and maintain their personal skills by providing access to regular meaningful social contact and stimulating activities.

Alzheimer’s Society Gisborne Inc, Gisborne Hospital, 06-867 0752

Arohaina Centre for Seniors, 396 Aberdeen Road, Gisborne

Te Aitanga A Hauiti Hauora Charitable Trust, 8-12 Main Road, Tolaga Bay, 06 862 6629

Mental Health Community Residential Services

Community Residential Support Services allow clients to live in a home-like setting in the community while receiving support for up to 24 hours a day. You will require a needs assessment in order to access these services.

Recovery Solutions, PO Box 259 353, Botany 2163, Manukau, 06-8633571

Community Podiatry for people with diabetes with at-risk or high-risk feet

Dental Services

Children aged 0–17 can receive free dental care. Hauora Tairawhiti runs a free Community Oral Health Service for preschool and primary-aged children contact them on 06-869 1311 or first floor Tangata Rite building 110 Peel Street, Gisborne, for further details.

Amber Dental, 136 Ormond Road, Gisborne, Gisborne, 06-929 1614

Dental Care Centre Limited, 19 Derby St, Gisborne, 06-867 9108

Dental Centre Ltd, Cnr Childers Road and Derby St, Gisborne, 06-8679329

Gisborne A&E Dental, 136 Ormond Road, Gisborne, 06-929 1902

Mayfair Dental, 18 Fitzherbert St, Gisborne, 06-867 3956

Ngati Porou Hauora, Te Puia Hospital, 4 Mckenzie St, Te Puia Springs, 06-867 8550

Ocean Dental, 23 Parkinson St, Gisborne, 06-868 1995

Green Prescriptions

The Green Prescription initiative is a health professional's written advice to a patient or their family to encourage and support them becoming more physically active as part of a total health plan.  The scheme encourages general practitioners to target several medical conditions associated with inactivity, and has been used by over 80% of New Zealand General Practitioners. For Further information and advice on Green Prescriptions contact your GP.

Sport Gisborne, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, 06-868 9943

General Practitioners Services

City Medical Gisborne Ltd, 134 Derby St, Gisborne, 06-868 6104

De Lautour Road Medical Centre,  92 De Lautour Road, Gisborne, 06-867 4144

The Doctors Te Whare Hāpara, 3 Desmond Road, Gisborne, 06-868 8887

Matakaoa Community Health Centre, 22 Paikea St, Te Araroa, 06-864 4801

Puhi Kaiti Medical Centre, Kati Mall Shopping Centre, Gisborne, 06-867 8550

Ruatoria Community Health Centre, 3 Tuparoa Road, Ruatoria, 06-864 8316

Tawhiti Clinic, Te Puia Hospital, 4 Mckenzie St, Te Puia Springs, 06-867 8550

Tikitiki Community Health Centre, 25 Rangitukia Rd, Tikitiki, 06- 864 3706

Three Rivers Medical, Three Rivers Medical Centre, 75 Customhouse St, Gisborne, 06-867 7411

Tokomaru Bay Community Health Centre, 4 Tokomaru St, Tokomaru Bay, 06-864 5859

Uawa Community Health Centre, 20 Solander Street, Tolaga Bay, 06-862 6650

Waikohu Health Centre, 76 Station Road, Te Karaka, 06 -862 3630

 Home Based Support Services

Home Based Support Services (HBSS) assist a person to be independent within their home. Support workers spend an agreed number of hours in a person's home providing personal support and household management services. The number of hours and type of tasks to be done by the support worker is identified during a needs assessment.

Access to Home Based services is through Hauora Tairawhiti's Needs Assessment and Coordination Team (NASC). NASC undertakes comprehensive health needs assessments and service co-ordination and works with people to:

  • Identify their support needs (needs assessment)
  • Look at the support available (funded and unfunded)
  • Work with you to arrange the appropriate support (service co-ordination)

For further information contact NASC on (06) 869 2090

Home Based Support Service providers

CCS Disability Action Tairawhiti Hawkes Bay Gisborne, 7 Ormond Road, Gisborne, 06-867 1249

Ngati Porou Hauora, Te Puia Hospital, 4 McKenzie Street, Te Puia Springs, 06-864 6803

 Kaupapa Maori Mental Health Alcohol & Drug Services

Turanga Health, 145 Derby St, Gisborne, 06-869 0457

Ngati Porou Hauora Charitable Trust, 4 McKenzie Street, Te Puia Springs, 06-864 6803 

Personal Health Services

Family Planning , 42 Childers Road, Gisborne, 0800 372 546

Hauora Tairawhiti Community Health Centre, 11 Bright Street, Gisborne 4010, 06 868 9005

Palliative Care / HOSPICE Services

Palliative care is care for a person of any age who has a life-limiting illness and involves supporting and helping the person to live as comfortably and fully as possible.

  • A ‘life-limiting illness’ is one that cannot be cured and may at some time result in the person dying (whether that is years, months, weeks or days away).
  • Palliative care involves providing assistance at all stages of the life-limiting illness.

Hospice Tairawhiti, Gisborne Hospital, 06-868 552

End of life Services

The Department of Internal Affairs, along with several other government agencies, have created an online service called Te Hokinga ā Wairua End of Life Service which has been available for almost 6 months now.

Te Hokinga ā Wairua End of Life Service is a source of expert, trusted and accessible information to help guide people facing the loss of a loved one, with a clear and concise timeline of what to do in the days, weeks and months following a death. Practical advice such as finding a funeral director, guidance on funeral and memorial service options, financial assistance, and details about wills and administering an estate is all consolidated in one place. The free online service also gives people the information and tools they need to create and share a personalised plan of their end of life preferences and wishes, to make it easier on those they will leave behind.

Pharmacy Services

Gordon’s Pharmacy, 1 Mangapapa Road, Gisborne, 06-867 1274

Pharmacy 53, Ballance Street Village Shopping Centre, 06-867 3038

Bramwell's Pharmacy, 232 Gladstone Road, Gisborne, 06-867 1291

David Moore Pharmacy, Three Rivers Medical Centre, 75 Customhouse St, Gisborne, 06-868 9510

Gisborne Hospital Pharmacy, Gisborne Hospital, 06-869 2095

Kaiti Mall Pharmacy, Kati Mall Shopping Centre, Gisborne, 06-867 7100

McLeans Pharmacy, Elgin Shopping Centre, Gisborne, 06-867 4475

Sean Shivnan Pharmacy, Desmond Road Medical Centre, Gisborne, 06-867 4672

Pharmacy Services - Rural Pharmaceutical Depot Services

Gordons Pharmacy (Tolaga Bay Collection), 1 Mangapapa Road, Gisborne, 06-867 1274

Bramwell's Pharmacy (Western Rural Collection), 232 Gladstone Road, Gisborne, 06-867 1291

Laboratory Services

Tlab Gisborne, Gisborne Hospital, 447 Gladstone Road, Gisborne, 06-869 0508, or

447 Gladstone Road, Gisborne, (06) 868 1439

Monday - Friday:              7.45 am - 4.45 pm

Saturday:                            Closed

Sunday:                               Closed

Public holidays:                   Closed

Primary Health Organisations (PHO)

Ngati Porou Hauora Charitable Trust, 4 McKenzie Street, Te Puia Springs, 06-864 6803

Midlands Regional Health Network Charitable Trust, 98 Peel St, Gisborne, 06 863 2661

You have rights 

Everyone using a health or disability service has the protection of a Code of Rights. An independent Commissioner promotes and protects these rights under a New Zealand law called the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994.

Making a complaint

You have the right to make a complaint about a provider in the way that is easiest for you. You can make a complaint verbally, in person or by phone; or in writing by letter, fax or email.

You can give your complaint to:

  • the person or people you are complaining about;
  • a person in the same practice, facility or organisation responsible for receiving complaints (e.g. the quality manager or complaints officer in a hospital or organisation);
  • an independent health and disability advocate;
  • the Health and Disability Commissioner.


Further Information and Contact Details

The Nationwide Advocacy Service

Free phone 0800 555 050

Free fax 0800 2787 7678



The Health and Disability Commissioner

PO Box 1791, Auckland

Free phone 0800 11 22 33 | Fax (09) 373 1061

Email | Website