The Professional Development Recognition Programme for Nurses (PDRP) is a professional development programme designed to recognise and reward nurses and midwives for their individual level of practice and their contribution to nursing. Nurses are able to progress through levels by demonstrating they meet the definitions and criteria for a PDRP level. Those who wish to enter the programme do this through submitting a portfolio which reflects their level of practice.

The PDRP framework is based on Benner's model which recognises the development of a nurses' practice. Nurses progress from beginner (Graduate Nurses only), through to competent, proficient expert practice and then designated senior nursing roles. Graduate Nurses are expected to submit a competent ePortfolio at the completion of the Nurse Entry to Practice Programme (NETP).

Professional Development Recognition Programme Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to provide you with a step by step guide that can be used in conjunction with support and guidance from the PDRP Coordinator and appropriate resource people within the DHB. These include Clinical Nurse Managers, PDRP Assessors and other nurses who have achieved on the programme. It is recommended that you review the content of the PDRP Guideline in preparation for your portfolio submission. Click here to access a full copy of the PDRP Guideline. For more in-depth information click here to access the PDRP manual.

Additional information relating to the Nursing Council New Zealand competencies, aspects of direct and delegation, the Code of Conduct for Nurses as well as information on cultural support and the Treaty of Waitangi visit the Nursing Council of New Zealand. Critical thinking and reflection are two important  aspects of day to day nursing care which are linked to the Nursing Council competencies, Click here to access Reflective Practice Guideline.

Anyone wishing to submit an e-Portfolio please click here access the Midlands e-learning portal - Ko Awatea LEARN

Anyone wishing to access training for e-portfolio,  please contact with the PDRP Co-ordinator on 06 869 0500 ext.8935 or by email to Serita.Karauria@tdh.org.nz

PDRP Documents

Submission Documents

The following forms must be completed and included in your portfolio;

Teaching Plans

Any nurses undertaking presentation as part of their professional competencies, please select from the templates below.

Quality Improvement Templates

Any nurses undertaking quality improvement activity as part of their professional competencies, please select from the templates below.


As workbooks are no longer available please use the Checklist for portfolios to ensure you have all the documents to meet the requirements for your portfolio assessment. Please use this checklist for eportfolios and hard copy folders. The check list does not need to be included in tour portfolio.

PDRP Assessors

Please check the names of the Assessors at Hauora Tairāwhiti – if you think there is a conflict of interest with any of the assessors (eg. you might work with one of them), please make this clear when you are submitting your portfolio.