Coming to Hospital

When you come to Gisborne Hospital, you can expect:

All staff to introduce themselves and explain their role in your care. All staff wear identity badges.

While in hospital you will be under the care of a specialist consultant, who may have the support of a house surgeon, or junior doctor.

You will always have a nurse or key worker assigned to your care. If you need help at any time, use the call-button at your bedside or in the bathrooms.

You may meet other staff during your stay. These can include: physiotherapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, dieticians, social workers, midwives, laboratory staff, orderlies, healthcare assistants and administration staff. You can ask to see any of these people. 

Discharge from Hospital

Our aim is to discharge patients by 11am. Please make sure you have made arrangements to be picked up.

Non New Zealand Residents

You will be required to provide proof of eligibility for publicly funded health services; for examples details of your work, student or residency visa. If you cannot provide this proof, you will be required to pay for the health services you receive. An interpreter service is also available if English is not your first language. More details for non-New Zealand residents are available at the Ministry of Health website.

Zero Tolerance to Family Violence

Hauora Tairawhiti has a family violence zero tolerance policy which requires all staff who encounter presentations of suspected abuse of patients to notify the appropriate agencies so that specialised intervention can occur. Likewise there is a zero tolerance approach to abuse of staff whether it be verbal or physical. 

As a Teaching Hospital

Gisborne Hospital participates in the teaching of nurses, medical students and other health-care professionals. You may be asked to discuss your illness with students or have them care for you under the direct supervision of a qualified practitioner. Teaching also takes place during doctors’ ward rounds when your case may be discussed at length as part of the teaching programme.

If you would prefer not to be seen or have your care discussed in the presence of students, please tell the nurse or doctor. Your wishes will be respected.