Sexual Health

Sexuality and reproductive capacity are fundamental aspects of being human. Our sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing is as important to our quality of life as other key aspects of health such as physical and mental health and wellbeing. This is true regardless of age, gender, culture, abilities, sexual orientation or other characteristics that make up our identity. 

Sexual & Reproductive Health Promotion

We provide the following services:

  • delivery of sexual and reproductive health training for teachers, youth workers and community groups;
  • resource development
  • support and advocacy for gay/lesbian, trans-sexual and trans-gender persons
  • collaborative projects to support sexual & reproductive health

 for further information contact Terri Te Kani

 Clinical Services

The Sexual Health Clinic Service provides information, diagnosis and check-ups for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The service provides for all peoples regardless of cultures, values and beliefs, gender, age, abilities and choice of sexual expression.

The Sexual Health Clinic is free and confidential. No referral is required. The Gisborne Sexual Health Clinic is based in central Gisborne and clinical services to the community. Consultation is free to under 25 year olds. The clinic is located at 141 Bright Street (corner of Bright Street and Childers Road) and is open 4.5 days per week offering 3 medical clinics on Monday and Tuesday 2-6pm and Friday 10-12noon.  Phone (06) 868 9005

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