Tobacco Free/Tupeka Kore Tairawhiti 2025

Ehara taku toa

I te toa taki tahi

Engari he toa

Taki tini     

In 1999 an informal group of smoke-free workers gathered together with the intention of establishing an informal network to promote collaboration and provide mutual support. Taki Tahi Toa Mano has been active since that time with the most notable evidence of collaboration being the 2003 A & P shows, a 2001 Quit and Win competition, support for the Form 1 & 2 Smoke-free Speech Competitions throughout Tairawhiti, Relay for Life 2004, and the development of a Strategic Plan 2003/04.

The group was initially intended to provide a support network for the Tairawhiti Smoke-free industry in its widest sense (Eg pharmacists, acupuncturists, Seventh Day Adventist Cessation Programme etc.), however Taki Tahi Toa Mano now consists of three Maori health providers, the Cancer Society, The National Heart Foundation and the Public Health Unit.

Today Taki tahi toa Mano has grown in numbers with an aim to become a Smokefree Tairawhiti by 2025.

Vision:           Tobacco Free / Tupeka Kore Tairawhiti 2025  

Mission:        To create Healthy Supportive Environments through:

Values:          Manaakitanga- Sharing


                      Whanaungatanga- Relationship Management

                      Pono - Commitment

Strategic roles and responsibilities

  • To be the recognised Auahi Kore/Smokefree authority in prevention, promotion, cessation, education and regulatory control for the Tairawhiti Region.
  • To provide advice to Hauora Tairawhiti, the Ministry of Health and the community generally on tobacco activities in Tairawhiti.
  • To act as a regional advocate for Auahi Kore/Smokefree for the people of the Tairawhiti region ie Submissions
  • Ensure a coordinated approach is taken in the delivery of  Smokefree / Auahi Kore Tupeka Kore messages
  • Assist in the development and implementation of district Tobacco control and Smoking cessation plans 
  • To promote the existence of Auahi Kore/Smokefree environments in a variety of settings in Tairawhiti.
  • Support on-going training and the coordination of networks
  • Advise the coalition of risks and how might they be mitigated
  • Ensuring linkages are developed and consistency is maintained
  • To promote local research and intelligence gathering on tobacco use patterns in the Tairawhiti region
  • To provide support for national initiatives and organisations, e.g. World Smokefree Day and Cancer Society, 'Out of sight, Out of mind' campaign
  • To pool resources directed at Auahi Kore/Smokefree field activity so as to lead to greater efficiencies in service delivery.