Wero Challenge

WERO is a stop smoking competition for teams of 10 run over three months. It is an opportunity for teams to compete against each other and win money for a designated charity, marae projects, or community groups.

Any 10 people who smoke can form a team. The most successful teams are formed by whānau, work teams, sports clubs and groups of friends. Competitions run over a three month period and the team with the most verified smokefree kaihoe at the end of the race are the winners.

The challenge starts on 1 April 2013 and runs for 3 months. It is open to anyone who is a regular daily smoker and is over 16 years old.

All participants must blow into a smokerlyzer to check they are a smoker and are eligible for the challenge. The smokerlyzer  measures how many toxins are in body thanks to smoking. The Smoking Cessation Team from Turanga Health will do weekly smokerlyzer tests on each participant to track how they are doing. They provide participants with gum, lozenges and patches to help alleviate cravings, and also deliver weekly mentoring sessions to the teams.”

Teams can nominate a kaihautu (coach), a non-smoker who offers support and motivation. The kaihautu updates the weekly status of the team on their own team page. Each Wero team can see how they are doing compared to other teams.

To keep challengers active the YMCA are providing 3 month access to their gym and bootcamps. Shane Hooks from CrossFit 4010 is offering weekly team training sessions.

The WERO Challenge was developed by the University of Auckland in a bid to help Maori and Pacific Islanders quit smoking (though anyone can take part).  Participants are supported by health practitioners and are tested each week with a smokerlyzer. The group with the most quitters after three months will win $5000 cash for a charity, community group or marae of their choice. There are also weekly spot prizes.

For more info contact: Wero Coordinator - Di Akurangi Phone: 06 869 2095.